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Mission and Vision

Here at Life Church, we value the importance of setting a clear mission and vision.  Simply stated, a mission is the “what” we are called to do, while the vision is the “how” we can do it.  Every aspect of our mission and vision is taken directly from Scripture and you can read more about them below.  Our desire is that every member will not only know our mission and vision but that it will be the very DNA of how we operate as a church.


Our Mission: Grow, Love, Reach


We are called to grow in two distinct and complementary ways. First is personal growth in our relationship with God. The second is growth as a body of believers.  Acts 2:47


Love is more than a feeling; it is an action.  We are first called to love God and then to love others.  Luke 10:27


The church is not meant to be self-serving.  We are called to reach our neighbors and also to reach the nations. Acts 1:8


Our Vision: We like to think of our church as a home with 5 rooms that we want you to explore. We find all 5 of these at the beginning of the New Testament church in Acts 2:42-47.


Even strangers can have a conversation on the porch. We think of our main worship service as a porch. As you grow with God, it's a place to connect and start building relationships with people. Our Sunday morning service (11 am) is a great place to start. 


This is a great place to really get to know each other. We think of our Life Groups as our living room. You weren't made to do life alone, so let's get real with each other. We have several Home Group options for you to choose from that meet on different nights throughout the week. 


When families go to the kitchen, everyone pitches in to get the meal out. Our service opportunities are our kitchen. They give you an opportunity to use your gifts and talents to grow with God. 


You need time to get away from all the busyness so you can just focus. We think of your private time with God as the study. The church helps you grow, but never takes the place of a study. 


When you spend time in the front yard, you never know who you might meet. We think of your opportunity to meet new people and share the love of Jesus with them as our front yard. This means we should be active and engaged with the community. 


Meet our staff


Jon Tillman

Lead Pastor


Dr. Jon has been at Life Church since 2013. He and his wife, Kristen have three daughters, Ellie, Emma, & Eden. Jon has degrees from UGA (and is a huge fan), and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv & DMin). He enjoys sports, travel, and spending time with friends and family.


Matthew Martin

Pastor of Worship & Students


Matthew has been at Life Church since January of 2019. He came to us from Panama City, Florida. Matthew plays guitar and piano and has led worship for over 10 years. He enjoys comedies, musicals and Florida State football.


Devon Kind

Children's Director


Devon has been at Life Church since 2019. He first connected with the church through a summer internship and then became a staff member. Devon is a graduate of Georgia Southern University with a degree in journalism. He enjoys reading, sports, and Jesus. 

The Bible

We believe the Bible is completely accurate and the inerrant Word of God. The Bible is a guide to our lives and it tells one complete love story between God and His people. The truths found in Scripture are sufficient for all of lifes problems. God will not contradict His word with any direction given to His people.


God is made up of 3 persons existing in one being: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God created everything out of nothing. His most prized creation is mankind. God is completely just and merciful and it is the balance of these two attributes that leads Him to punish sin, but offer a way of forgiveness.


Mankind is created in God’s own image. Every person carries an equal value regardless of his/her race, gender or background. We are all born with a desire to sin and rebel from God. Without God’s provision, we cannot be made right with Him.


God gave mankind the ability to choose. That choice was used to experience sin. Every person experiences sin by his/her own choice. God is holy, therefore, He can have no part in sin and must punish it, but he also wanted to offer mankind a way to be made right again. Jesus, the second person of the trinity, came to earth, lived a perfect life, died and was raised from the dead to offer forgiveness of sin. When we put our trust in Jesus, our sin is punished through His death and we can inherit His rightful inheritance, which is eternal life.


Steve McElveen


Steve has been at Life Church since childhood. He has been married to his wife Cathy for over 40 years. His favorite scripture is Romans 5:8 which is the only reason any of us have hope! Steve works for corporate ADT Security as a Field Sales Representative.


Juan has been at Life Church since 2017. Juan is married to Caitlin and they have three children, Elise, Elijah, & Abby. One of his favorite passages is 1 John 4:10-11 because it highlights why we love and why we have a duty to love one another. He works as a Project Manager, for an industrial construction company.


Troy has been at Life Church since 2017. He is married to Donna and they have two children, Josie and Jenna. One of Troy’s favorite verses is Colossians 3:17 because it breaks down the simplest form of God's will for our lives. In his profession, Troy has owned a construction company since 1997.  


Life Church at Ardsley Park started on December 11, 1904, as a “Sunday School” for families and children in the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Griffith with thirty-seven members. The group outgrew the home and in April 1905 they rented a location on Green Street (Now 55th Street) and became the Green Street Mission. The first pastor was J. N. Lee. He led the church to become incorporated under the name Fourth Baptist Church on July 5, 1908. The church moved to its current location on Bull Street in 1917 and in 1927 adopted the name Ardsley Park Baptist Church.

Throughout the next century, the church experienced substantial growth peaking in the 1960s. The growth was followed by years of decline as the culture rapidly changed around the church. In October 2013 the church, which was down to a small group of core members, called pastor Jon Tillman to join together in a revitalization process. The church refocused to become active in the community and adopted the mission to Grow, Love, and Reach. The new focus led the church to many changes including the adoption of the name Life Church at Ardsley Park starting in 2017.

Life Church is now excited to see the mission being carried out. The church is growing rapidly but continues to keep a focus on vibrant relationships as its core value. We hope that you will consider coming and being a part of the new history of Life Church at Ardsley Park.

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